Conventional Cargo (General Cargo) Services

  • Dry Bulk Cargo
  • Liquid Bulk Cargo
  • Project Cargo
  • General Cargo
  • Marine Services (Pilotage/Towage)



Dry Bulk Services

Conakry Port S.A. is a stevedoring company, specialized in handling, storing, transshipping and processing dry bulk goods. We are here to offer you the highest quality and flexibility in dust free and super fast dry bulk stevedore handling and storage solutions. The base of high quality in stevedoring services is formed by a continious focus on concerns and requirements of our clients. Quay # 1 is to serve all bulkers carrying industrial materials such as cement and clinker. With the 3 Mobile Harbor Crane, Conakry Port, Dry Bulk Terminal is capable of discharging below dry bulk cargo upto 3,000 MT/HRS.

  • Minerals
  • Clinker
  • Wheat


Break Bulk Services

Conakry Port S.A. offers break bulk cargo handling and storage solutions at quay # 2. With 2 Mobile Harbor Crane, break bulk quay is capable of discharging any industrial piece weighting upto 240 MT. Terminal handling at yard in terms of storage, survey, security and cargo securing services also available at Conakry Port throughout the year on 7/24 basis.


General Cargo Services

Ouay # 3 is to serve general cargo carriers mostly discharging bagged goods and iron bundles at Conakry Port. General Cargo Stevedoring Services at berth # 3 is an ongoing operation through out the year, serving our customers on 7/24 basis.  Fast discharge and offering effective supply chain solutions to our clients is the main objective at all times. Storage at nearby warehouses is secured and safe; available to our clients on demand.


Marine Services

Marine Service Department is responsible to schedule and plan marine traffic for all terminals at Port of Conakry. Pilotage and tug services available 7/24 at al times in and out of the port. Please see ports handbook for all technical details and further information. Email for tug & pilot requests and any other related issues concerning vessel traffic.


IT Services

  • Monthly Cargo Reports
  • Monthly Marine Reports
  • Vessel Performance Reports
  • Vessel Schedules
  • Terminal Daily Monitor