Company Profile:

Albayrak Group as the parent company of Conakry Port S.A. is a multinational conglomerate offers various products and services in different parts of the world. Company’s head office is located in Istanbul, Turkey where Asia meets Europe. Group’s main focus is construction since the day it was established in 1950s. Group is currently performing commercial activities including but not limited to Industrial Manufacturing, Food Processing, Press Media & TV Network, Textile, Tourism, Logistics & Port Management, Sanitation Services, Public Transportation and Car Leasing. Group’s one of the main goals in transport sector is to become a global port operator.  For more information on our products and services, please visit our corporate website.

Conakry Port S.A. is an affiliated company of Albayrak Group of Companies. As of 2019, Port Authority of Conakry and Albayrak Group of Istanbul have agreed to finalize the privatization process of Port of Conakry. All terminals within the Port Authority boundries have been leased to Albayrak group for the next consecutive 25 years. In accordance with the concession agreement, all rights of Conakry Port Authority has been handed to Albayrak Group in order to let investments do the urgently needed developments to the port. Port Authority of Conakry made such a reasonable decision to sublet the entire port to an experienced port operator currently operating terminals in different parts of the world.

Today, Conakry Port S.A. governs all terminals within the Port Authority limits and operates the general cargo terminal at Port of Conakry; serving dry bulk, break bulk and general cargo vessels. Container, wet bulk and other dry bulk terminals are being operated by the third party operators. Conakry Port S.A. as the main contactor is currently working on a master plan and an expansion investment plan to renew all terminals in accordance with the operational needs and requirements of each terminal within the boundries of Port Authority.


Recreate the Commercial Gateway of Guinea.


We are committed to our words in terms of presenting sustainable strategies and solutions to the people we employ and customers we serve.